Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My favourite sports!!!

Am really interested in sports !!!Like many sports n would like to list few of my fav ..........
5,carrom board
8.Playing cards
PLaying games makes your body fresh and its a kind of exercise.....Its makes us to keep your body fit and also maintain our physical structure..Sports are really a regular input for me..I mainly concentrate on cricket a lot!!! A person should be fit and physically good to start any game ...Its beleived that tennis is a sports viz needs a lot of stamina ....


janu-jenn said...

What is caram board? This is the first time I heard such game. Must be a great game to play!

HonEy BunnY said...

dai naye carrom da ... antha bunroti thalayanuku sollu da he he he ... !!

E-Tavasi said...

Plz add my new link

idealpinkrose said...

hi! sorry for my late reply i've just got back from my vacation. ...thanks for the visit and for the link..i linked you up, too.

idealpinkrose said...

hi~ sorry for my late reply...thanks for the link...linked you up, too on my food blog. thanks a lot!

idealpinkrose said...

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