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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My favourite sports!!!

Am really interested in sports !!!Like many sports n would like to list few of my fav ..........
5,carrom board
8.Playing cards
PLaying games makes your body fresh and its a kind of exercise.....Its makes us to keep your body fit and also maintain our physical structure..Sports are really a regular input for me..I mainly concentrate on cricket a lot!!! A person should be fit and physically good to start any game ...Its beleived that tennis is a sports viz needs a lot of stamina ....

My favourite music composer in the whole world!!!

Music is something very eternal and cannot be created by all!!! Only from very few and they are really talented ....Its really a Gods gift for those who can create music ...Music does not have any ends..Its like water in the sea , it will not get dried up for any cost!!!

Some thing different!!

This picture is edited by me.....Am not bluffing !!! its the truth ...Wl post the real pic tom or after two days!!!Try to find wats this pic sounds like....Comments are welcome

Picture based on science fiction!!!

Few lines about love

The word love is genuine and flawless!!!It cant be compared to any other object enrolling in this world or any stuffs....Few points about love
->Love should not emerge as a matter of force or any pressure....
->It should come from the heart N should not erode vanish like a caspher
->Love cannot be gained through money are power
->Love viz is obtained due to power or influence doesnot withstand and it erodes quickly!!!
->Love should be vaccinated from the mind n body , heart n soul!!!!Try to be with your loved and cared ones...Dont hurt those who care for you!!